Our proposal

Our solution is a marketplace where consumers can select the food that they eat more frequently, check high quality food looking at the properties based on our traceability algorithm and plan periodic orders, receiving fresh local food directly at home.
Farmers will provide them all the history of their products and the food will be evaluated based on:







If you are interested in buying high quality local traced products at a fair price, repEAT is the right marketplace for you!

How it works

For customers



Join our extended community of passionate people about local high quality products and willing to make periodic orders.



Search among our offers comparing products thanks to our scores on sustainability and quality.



Choose your favourite products. The producers will deliver the food at your place.

For producers



Join us to get in touch with people passionate about local high quality products.



Share information on your current offer to get your products valued by our algorithm.


Sell & Deliver

Your orders will be grouped in areas, to facilitate delivery.

Our responsibility

More and more people are becoming aware of what they eat, because they care both about the planet and their health. But usually, when they go grocery shopping, a lot of questions pop up in their minds. “Has that beef steak been refrigerated properly? How long has that avocado traveled? How many additives has that berry?“.

People end up blindly trusting labels and certifications but this affects their wallet. Indeed, for example, people need to spend on average 47% more for organic products, compared to “normal” ones.

Furthermore, according to our surveys, 37% of people tend to strongly repeat their food purchases. Thanks to the survey, we also noted that consumers, during their grocery shopping, mainly pay attention to food origin, organic or sustainability labels, local products and economic savings.

We want to give consumers the opportunity to receive sustainable and local food at a fair price.

Our vision

A journey towards the traceability revolution

About Us

We are Agronuats, a team made of 5 MBA fellows at Collège des Ingénieurs and two PhD stuents from PoliTo. Our team is involved in Innovation 4 Change (I4C), a program in partership between Collège des Ingénieurs, PoliTo and CERN. Our challenge is "How to take advantage of value chain traceability to ensure sustainable food production systems?​" and it is sponsored from CNHi.

According to the UN, material footprint per capita has increased considerably: in 1990 some 8.1 tons of natural resources were used to satisfy a person’s need, while in 2015, almost 12 tons of resources were extracted per person. Among these needs, food covers a major role.


Among the targets included in the 12th SDG, our project addresses two of them:

  • 12.6: Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle.
  • 12.8: By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.



Alberto Ciampaglia

PhD - Mechanical Engineering


Alessia Toscano

MBA - Mechanical Engineering


Stefano Dozio

MBA - Management Engineering


Gianluca Colaianni

MBA - Computer Science


Alessandro Mancinelli

MBA - Aerospace Engineering


Chiara Perri

MBA - Production Engineering


Dario Fontanel

PhD - Computer Engineering

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